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A magical play of lights and colours. The flagship, whose birth was inspired by the mysticism of the undersea world

Mirage, as the only all-glass pipe of all the ranges, resonates perfectly with the shapes of real sea jellyfish. It offers an irresistible view into its heart through its crystal body, enchanting you by the play of colours and limpid water, and completes the magic of the moment with, besides other things, goldfish floating silently under its surface.


The graceful lines of the pipe’s body chiselled into crystal-clear glass bear the impression of the primary design idea, the power of which resides in its simplicity. In this case, the amazing limpidity of hand-blown Bohemian glass stands out due to its timeless execution and proves clearly whom the real sovereign of Medusas is.

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Mirage, as well as being a sea jellyfish, can be feint. It blazes like the sun, shines like the moon or flickers like the stars. It hungrily sucks emotions from the world around it. Thanks to the built-in microphone in the Chameleon Light Module, it can do colourful magic tricks in the way it interacts with music.

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Our certificate confirms that the product with the serial number in the hologram is an authentic piece, handcrafted by Meduse. Verify the authenticity of your product by entering the serial number.

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We offer custom sandblasting of your dedication or any other text on glass corpus of your Meduse shisha pipe.

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