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The epicentre of decadent clubs. He is like a predator, he will capture you with his rustic design.

Brute is an exquisite example of the connection between two traditional crafts – art smithery and glassmaking. Its dominant, artistically manufactured stand, with the imprinted skills of smithery masters, will bring you back to the times when real craft masters still existed.


The tradition of smithcraft has been continuously developing in the Czech Republic since the Middle Ages. Some items of our production have been created using traditional smithcraft with a great focus on detail: just a forge, hammer and anvil... Thanks to this approach, each piece is an unrepeatable original bearing the Meduse touchmark.

Dragon glass

The tradition of the Bohemian glassmaking stretches back to the early Middle Ages. The execution of the glass corpuses of the Brute and Brute Grande models also reflected the brutality of these times. The transparent corpus is stained with a layer of green glass, which forms a unique texture on the surface, resembling the scales of a mythical beast.

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Light of blood

The Brute with the light on is like a dominant male. He stands with his legs astride, his heart pulsing with red blood. He is both a challenger and a guardian. The light module renders him an imposing object, in any setting.

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brute grande

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We offer custom sandblasting of your dedication or any other text on glass corpus of your Meduse shisha pipe.

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